10 Android Apps you NEED to try in 2018

10 Android Apps you NEED to try in 2018
Welcome to my top 10 MUST HAVE Android Apps (March-April 2018).  These are some of the coolest, best Android Apps we've ever seen in 2018!  Includes Productivity, Art, Photography, and more Apps:

(0:14) Cake Browser: https://goo.gl/u1Da9p
(0:45) Smart Kit 360: https://goo.gl/yng7Av
(1:08) Cleanfox: https://goo.gl/6ErJuM (also on www.cleanfox.io /IOS / https://goo.gl/EQFWSY (Cleanfox Website)
(1:45) Textto: https://goo.gl/2uvpgm
(2:04) NWSTY: https://goo.gl/Z65brr
(2:31) Grammarly Keyboard: https://goo.gl/kzqv3B
(2:59) (£0.89) Granular Immersive Mode: https://goo.gl/mCWJgu
(3:24) Storyboard: https://goo.gl/BsLx4L
(3:50) Vimage: https://goo.gl/ZjYq24
(4:25) Firefox Focus: https://goo.gl/cebLvX

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